Bringing back memories: Spider Attack @ Koh Phagnan

I have been looking at it for three hours now, when I finally agree with myself that it’s mine, I gotta have it, my precious…

I’m looking at this palm tree next to me, with this huge coconut in there. It’s the first palm tree I see, which isn’t sky-high. The tree-trunk is about three meters high, before it gets to the leaves, so it’s actually do-able for me to get the coconut. Besides, if the small asian guys can climb up a ten meter high palm tree, I can do this one easily.

I place my hands and the soles of my feet to the tree-trunk to start my climb up. The ridges of the tree-trunk are sharp, but I manage to “man-up” and climb to the leaves. The first leaf on the leftside of the tree-trunk is crowded with red ants, which I slap off with my hand. After the leaf is cleared of ants, I grab this leaf with my left hand to lift myself up in order to reach my right arm out for the leaf on the right. Before I reach the leaf, from the corner of my eye I see something on the left side of my body. I focus with both of my eyes and see a huge spider lowering down, reaching it’s tentacles out for my left arm. “Holy fuck”! Is what I scream while rushing down the tree-trunk, cutting both my arms and legs open, because of the sharp ridges on the tree-trunk.

When I land on the ground, feeling the warm sand of the beach between my toes again, I look up the tree to have a better look at the spider. Unfortunately it’s gone. Leaving my friend laughing his ass off and me flabbergasted and wounded behind. Shit. Mission failed.